Popular Heritage Hotels in Udaipur

Rajasthan was long under the realms of Maharajas. These maharajas lived in luxury palaces, forts and mansions, which are distribution all across the state. Today, these ancestral residents carry out been converted into heritage hotels and are thrown not closed to tourists visiting India. When you are in Rajasthan, you will discover rejection better place to stay, than these heritage hotels.

Of all the royal destinations in Rajasthan, Udaipur has the highest total of current heritage hotels as it was ruled by the Sisodia reign in support of a propos 1200 years. The following are a number of of the fairy-tale palaces wherever you can stay at some point in your Rajasthan tour of India. A stay next to these heritage hotels will bring you closer to the architectural wonders and cultural heritage of a former royal era of India.

Shiv Niwas Palace

Located on the southern top of the City Palace Complex, the Shiv Niwas Palace is a stately curved shaped heritage building offering spectacular vision of the Pichola Lake. The climax quality services and enlightened facilities provided by this inn accomplish it a current travel destination. Staying now will collapse you an opportunity to step back in point in time and experience the lifestyle of yesteryear Maharajas.

Shikarbadi Hotel

Hotel Shikarbadi is organized amidst the tranquil forested landscape of the Aravalis. Located solely 15 minutes away from Udaipur, this heritage inn is such a peaceful destination to facilitate you would not fail to take the clamor of city life next to all. Relaxing in solitary of its lakeside chalets is a terrific way to step re-energized in this heritage inn. You can moreover take a horseback excursion to the hilly wilderness of the resort cultivate. You might occasionally site rare wildlife like Deer, Antelope, Wild pig and Nilgai in this cultivate.

Rang Niwas Palace

The Rangniwas Palace was built in Udaipur at some point in the reign of Maharana Sajjan Singh. This palace has been recently restored but will provide you all enlightened facilities and comfort to facilitate solitary looks into view on a luxury anniversary. The characteristic of this heritage inn is its deluxe suites with standalone balconies.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace is located on the edge of Fateh Sagar Lake. This heritage inn of Udaipur enjoys a picturesque vision of the Aravalli Hills. Built by Maharana Bhupal Singh in the day 1911, the inn boasts of 54 quarters and a magnificent banquet passage. Stay in this heritage inn if you be after to experience real taste of Rajasthani royal culture.

Karni Fort

The historic Karni Fort inn in Udaipur has been sensitively restored very recently to keep hold of its ambience. The architectural elements of this palace carry out been aesthetically replicated at some point in the makeover of the inn. You will moreover notice to facilitate the unusual protection & turrets of the palace carry out been practically not here unaffected to keep hold of the royal feel of the palace. This inn will offer you for the most part enlightened services and facilities at some point in your stay in Udaipur.

Hotel Caravanserai

Hotel Caravan Serai is located on the eastern edge of Lake Pichola. This inn offers a number of of the for the most part magnificent vision an overlooking lake. Combining the unsurpassed of enlightened facilities and services with traditions of the Rajput culture, Hotel Caravanserai is solitary of the unsurpassed anniversary destinations in Udaipur.

Devigarh Fort Palace

Devigarh Fort palace was built in the 18th century, in the village of Delwara by Maharaja Sajja Singh. Today, when being restored and reconstructed, Devi Garh palace has regained its historical glory and moreover is solitary of the for the most part current heritage hotels of Udaipur. It boasts of being a unique all-suite boutique inn having 23 suites and 6 tents.

Fateh Prakash Palace

Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel is built on the eastern shoreline of Lake Pichola. Lying in an exclusive part of the City Palace Complex, this heritage inn recreates the historic finery of the historical with its opulent Durbar Hall and gemstone Gallery. You will discover to facilitate the seven historic suites of the palace are decorated with antique furniture and unusual Mewar paintings.

These majestic heritage forts & palaces in Udaipur, Rajasthan, will allow you experience a anniversary to facilitate you will not at all put out of your mind in your days. So, mean a Rajasthan visit at present and stay in solitary of the exceeding heritage hotels.

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